DAV Sr. Sec. Public School, Jhingurdah

Singrauli, MADHYA PRADESH - 486889

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In our nation a school is known to be a temple and everyone who serves a school in any way is a true worshiper of humanity. In this respect DAV Sr.Sec. Public School, Jhingurdah Project (NCL) since its inception in 1987 has been a great source of quality education for surrounding.
As it is depicted in our constitution that education must be imparted to all in equal term, our school is imparting a good education without any distinction. It has worked to sublime the hidden talent of this area. Our school has ensured all the necessary aspect of better schooling. Now we have well-equipped science, math’s, s.sc. and computer labs.
We have a computerized library which has adequate number of books. Our students are getting great assistance of this high-tech library which is touching almost every walk of knowledge.
Success of any school is assessed by the success of its students .Through we have hundreds of alumni who are influencing the nation with the help of their wisdom & among  them there are some prominent alumnus  whose name must be mentioned here ;
Abhishek Kumar (studying in AIIMS ) Sarita Shah MBBS from King Jorge Medical college Lucknow Shubham (a scholar of IIM Raipur) Priyanka Raj (MBBS from RIMS) Manoj Shah (IIT Delhi ) IIM Ahmadabad  Rajesh Kumar (IIT Kanpur) Narendra  IIT Mumbai Nishant Singh (MBBS) from MU (Gaya) and Prashant singh captain in Indian army.
Above mentioned students have proved that talent is not found only in metro cities but also in small towns and villages. Success of any institution depends upon a leader in the form of a Principal and we are lucky enough that we have such a Principal who with his innovative approach always comes forward to accept enduring challenges. With this thinking that – “Man is only miserable so far as he thinks himself so” we wish a better future of students as well as the future of our nation. We’ll keep going on to embrace every upcoming challenge. Not a single stone will be left unturned to secure the betterment of our students.
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AV Sr. Sec. Public School, Jhingurdah
Jhingurdah Project (NCL)
District - Signrauli (M.P.)
Pin Code - 486889
Contact : 07805-272337 (O)
E-mail : davjrd@gmail.com
Website : www.davjrd.org


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